Summer Singalong

The Summer Singalong started in Summer 2018 to give older adults an opportunity for an afternoon of fun and friendship at a time when many organisations had stopped for the summer. Singing is known to boost health and feelings of wellbeing. Those who come along enjoy a blether, often a good laugh and a chance to exercise their lungs. The songs we sing range from old Scottish favourites, songs from the shows, songs from our youth and some classics from who knows where, and of course tea/coffee and biscuits are enjoyed too.

Around 20 people come along each week Our singing is led by two brilliant volunteers who both play guitar.

Alex is Australian and a lecturer at St Andrews University – he was the first to answer our call for volunteers. He’s getting quite up to speed with our Scottish songs and when it comes to singing Waltzing Matilda – he’s the man.

Jenny is a local lass with the most beautiful singing voice and a talent for selling things on e Bay. She and her guitar joined us in 2019 which allowed us to increase from fortnightly singing to weekly singing.

Occasionally Alex and Jenny both come along at special times, like Christmas.

Oh, I forgot to mention that in Lochee Summer starts in May and ends in December!

Sadly, due to Coronavirus restrictions there has been no Singalong in 2020 so far – but watch this space!