Lochee Parish Church, Church and Community Circle

Putting faith into action in the Church and Community is at the heart of this group.

Our aims are:

  • Share the Christian message with the Lochee Community through action.
  • Strengthen congregational relationships.
  • Provide opportunities for Christian fellowship.
  • Contribute to Lochee community regeneration.
  • Contribute to the redesign of Lochee Parish Church buildings for church and community use.
  • Facilitate community events and initiatives which strengthen community relationships.

Significant contribution has been made to the work of this group by community members. We currently have vacancies for new community members to join our small group of Church members. We meet monthly in the Lochee (Dundee West) housing office.

What we do – We seek opportunities to interact with those who live and work in Lochee through activities that may enhance the lives of individuals, families and the community as a whole. We often share in community events which are initiated by Lochee Community Workers or other local voluntary groups and churches. We participate in local community partnerships and planning groups and contribute to the local community plan. We aim to show the love of God through action which benefits others.